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Thursday, Jan 1, 1970 00:00

Trump releases defiant statement after becoming the first former US president to be criminally charged
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 22:44

Reporter shares how Trump advisers are reacting to indictment
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 22:18
A grand jury in Manhattan has voted to indict Donald Trump, according to three sources familiar with the matter -- the first time in American history that a current or former president will face criminal charges. CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman explains how Trump's advisers are reacting.

Finland's NATO bid clear last major hurdle with Turkey approval
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 21:14

US: Front lines of battle for Bakhmut is 'slaughter-fest' for Russians
Thursday, Jan 1, 1970 00:00

She's on Moscow's most wanted list. Hear what she thinks of Putin and his war in Ukraine
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 01:23
Russian student Olesya Krivtsova was charged with terrorism after criticizing Russia's war in Ukraine on social media. She's now on Russia's most wanted list. CNN's Melissa Bell has the story.

Gwyneth Paltrow wins ski collision case
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 23:41
Jurors in the civil trial stemming from a ski collision involving Gwyneth Paltrow are now deliberating.

'I couldn't stop looking at you': Chess streamer Anna Cramling recounts unwanted comments she's received
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 10:46
With multiple women coming forward about their disturbing experiences in the chess world, including accusations of sexual misconduct by a grandmaster, the historic game is having its own #MeToo moment.

A tourist lake has turned into dry, cracked earth. It's a sign of how bad Europe's drought has become
Thursday, Jan 1, 1970 00:00

9 soldiers killed after 2 Black Hawk helicopters crash in Kentucky during training mission
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 23:09
Two HH-60 Blackhawk helicopters with the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) crashed in Trigg County, Kentucky, at about 10 p.m. Wednesday, according to a statement from Fort Campbell.

Here's what may have contributed to fatal Black Hawk helicopters crash
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 15:59
Nine US service members were killed after two Black Hawk helicopters crashed in southwestern Kentucky, officials said. Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling explains how the use of night goggles may have contributed to the collision.

Ex-Fox producer said she gave misleading testimony in Dominion case 'to keep my job'
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 19:12
Abby Grossberg, the former Fox News producer who accused the right-wing network of pressuring her into giving misleading testimony in the Dominion defamation case, told NBC News Thursday in her first TV interview that she was "bullied, intimidated and coerced" into protecting the right-ring network to keep her job.

Beijing warns of 'severe impact' on US-China relations as Taiwan's leader lands in New York
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 06:39
Taiwan's relationship with the United States has "never been closer," its President Tsai Ing-wen said after arriving in New York City Wednesday, as Beijing warned her visit could lead to "serious confrontation" between China and the US.

Ex-Fugees rapper at center of allegedly vast foreign influence campaign in US federal trial
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 21:07
Federal prosecutors described to a Washington, DC, jury on Thursday how a former Fugees rapper allegedly got caught up in three schemes to illegally influence two presidential administrations on behalf of a foreign businessman.

See heated gun control discussion between lawmakers in the halls of Congress
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 03:32
Reps. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) had a tense exchange over gun control legislation following the deadly school shooting in Nashville.

Disney quietly took power from DeSantis' new board before state takeover
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 20:15
The battle between Disney and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may not be over yet.

Here's what we know about the guns used in the Nashville school shooting
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 16:39
The shooter who killed three children and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville used three of seven legally purchased firearms in America's latest massacre.

Mexico to issue arrest warrants over deadly fire at migrant detention center
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 09:08
Mexico will issue arrest warrants for those allegedly responsible for the deaths of 39 people in a fire at a migrant detention center, officials said.

Deadly fire engulfs Philippine ferry as dozens of passengers jump into sea to escape
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 15:30
At least 29 people were killed Wednesday night after an inter-island ferry caught fire in the southern Philippines, with many of the 250 passengers jumping overboard into dark waters trying to escape the blaze, authorities said.

Opinion: What on earth was Netanyahu thinking?
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 14:28
I had never heard a word of criticism from this particular Likud minister on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. For years, in all our conversations, just fulsome praise, even when their party leader had been exposed in some of his worst moments. But no more.

We reached out to fentanyl chemical manufacturers in China. See what they said
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 02:04
CNN's David Culver traces the path of fentanyl from Chinese chemical factories to Mexico, where cartels back the production of the deadly drug.

CNN investigates why it's so difficult for the US to stop the flow of illicitly made fentanyl
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 12:56
The seller, who went by the name Linda Wang, was curt when asked if she sold a chemical often used to create fentanyl.

Relocating 70 of Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' to cost around $3.5 million
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 15:21
Colombia's plans to relocate 70 "cocaine hippos" descended from drug trafficker Pablo Escobar's private menagerie will cost approximately $3.5 million, officials said in a press conference Wednesday.

UAE leader names his son as Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 14:17
The leader of the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday named his eldest son as crown prince of Abu Dhabi and his likely successor as president of the second biggest Arab economy.

'Unbelievable': CNN reporter reacts to record snowfall in California
Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 15:57
CNN's Stephanie Elam reports from Mammoth, California, on record-breaking snowfall in the area.

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